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Attention grabber

Attention grabber
Jonathan Lahue of the Audette's Auto Body Little League team makes a leaping catch in one of the last few regular season games of 2015

Unlike when I was a kid, there are now many (often much more expensive) baseball leagues to choose from. As a relative outsider, it seems that regular old Little League baseball is falling out of favor, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of (volunteer!) coaches in Millbury Little League this season.

It was another great example of when our community has a mind to, it can really shine. I genuinely hope that former players and upcoming coaches will continue to support their community with the same level of passion, respect, and honor of those molding our children this year!

Ed. note: Whenever I photograph one of my kids' teams, I like to follow the game and shoot everything, not just my own boy. It's much more interesting photographically and I usually come away with many more quality shots. This game was no exception, so it came as a pleasant and rare surprise that my favorite shot of the game happened to also be of a play made by him.