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Where are the Comments, Questions, Discussion?

I love the back-and-forth that having "comments" enabled on a blog allows. That two-way street makes for a more engaging experience, can provide alternative interesting perspectives, and at the same time keeps things honest.

The downside is that comment visibility tends to muck up the visual appearance of a site at best and, to quote Millbury's Matt Brodeur, has the potential to turn into a "cesspool." Not to mention the spam!

Focusing all of that to this one page is a little experiment to see if a happy median can't be found. So leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below and I'll do my best to publicly answer them here. Other than stylizing into a more appealing & readable Q&A-type format, moderation will be kept to a minimum - I pinky-promise.

Can of worms, now open - for the time being.


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