Loud crowd
Milling Millbury (okay, a terrible pun I admit) is a Millbury-based visual journal of what you can find by milling around in this small town located just about smack dab in the middle of Massachusetts.

Every day, we see well-thoughtout, meticulously-lit, impactful photographs of famous people (or places or things) who will have zero impact on our own lives, while the most important stuff in our community is relegated to simple snapshots (or worse, no photographs at all). That is completely backwards to me and is what I aim to do my part to change with my photography and this site.

Still with me? Here's some more behind why I started this site.
While important updates and information about what is going on in town can quickly be found by following the town on Twitter, on the Town of Millbury website, or via the local news outlets The Millbury Daily Voice, The Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, what is missing is a glance at the interesting people and places in town and a visual connection to them.

Taking a cue from Maryland-based photographer (and Strobist.com-publisher) David Hobby's HoCo360 project, the idea of this site is to highlight the local scene in Millbury, MA in a visual way. The aim is to give both new-to-towner's and long-time residents a quick reading on what this particular version of "Smalltown, USA" has to offer, as seen through the eyes of a local photographer.

Of particular interest to me is calling attention to the great local businesses, interesting people, and cool places in town which give Millbury a character and personality of it's own. The feeling of belonging to a community created by the very people of that community is what I think is missing in today's world dominated by generic, impersonal "big business."

Want to help?
Milling Millbury is entirely created and maintained by real people (me) living in the community and photographing the people and places that you hopefully want to see, meet, or just learn a little more about. If you like what you see, please spread the word! Your Facebook "Likes", Tweets, Google +1's, emailed links, etc. are greatly appreciated and the only way others will learn about this site.

If you'd like to recommend someplace, something, or someone to be highlighted here, I am all ears! Find me on Google+, send a tweet on Twitter or use the form here to send me a tip.

A little about me
Hi, I'm Brian Lahue. I am a photographer living in Millbury, hoping to use this site to visually explore our town and share what I find while learning about photography and lighting along the way. If my completely internet-sourced photographic education can produce images that appeal to and educate folks about the goings-on in Millbury while providing an outlet for my creativity at the same time, then it is a win-win situation for all of us.

Thank you for visiting!