I'm always looking for great ideas for Milling Millbury. Drop me a tip below on someone (yourself included) doing something cool/creative with their talents to benefit the Millbury community, and I'll happily pass the best of them along (with a photo, 'natch).

Don't have any ideas? Take one to the face! In our community, I'd like to encourage you to stand up and take one square to the face. It won't hurt (that badly) and the collective effect on our community just might astound you.

It may seem scary at first to take something which you are interested in, put your name on it, and stick it out there for others to enjoy, but trust me, as someone who tried just that (with photography), the rewards far outweigh the "pain" of standing in front of your work. I've met so many interesting people in Millbury, satisfied my own little creative urge, and hopefully brought the community a little closer together in the process, all by just sharing something I enjoy.

What about you?
Sports coach, writer, painter, parent, musician, wood worker, tutor, book worm, chef ... We each have something unique to offer based on our personal interests and by sharing it, you'll attract others with similar interests and may even learn something from someone who does it better (I can speak first-hand to that one!).

To offer a suggestion, just enter as much info as you can and why you think it is interesting in a comment below. The more details you can provide, the better!

Your suggestions will never be visible to the public - I'm just using the comment submission form as an easy way to collect ideas, so please leave your contact info (email address or Twitter handle is enough) in case I need to follow up with you.


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