The Tale of Two Gavels

The tale of two gavels

Where do little nuggets of history come from? Sometimes they are simply all that remains from a given time and place. But sometimes it's that people went out of their way to save something from the past and preserve it for others to see in the future, thus becoming a little piece of history themselves in the process.

As the story goes, Fred Baldwin and his son Warren saved a piece of mahogany handrail from the old Millbury Town Hall just as it was being destroyed by fire in 1971. If you haven't read the full (but concise) story on the Millbury Historical Society's website, I highly encourage you to do so (and then imagine today trying to enter a burned building with a chainsaw while the fire hoses were still running!).

The salvaged chunk of mahogany was fashioned into a pair of beautiful gavels in Fred Baldwin's shop, one of which (pictured above) is on-display at the Millbury Historical Society's Museum, located on the second floor of the Asa Waters' mansion on Elm Street.