Two-wheeling around town

Two-wheeling around town
Chad Lemieux races in a "sprint" triathlon in nearby Webster, MA.

Whether you are an avid cyclist, just looking for a quiet place to ride, or anything in between, Millbury has a lot to offer in the bike-riding department.  At first glance, the current state of Millbury's roads may lead you to believe that there is an outright hatred for anything which travels on asphalt, but dig a little deeper and you just might like what Millbury is peddling (see what I did there?).

Paved surface biking. The surprisingly well-maintained and mapped Blackstone River Valley Bikeway / Greenway, which will someday extend 48 miles from Worcester, MA to Providence, RI, currently serves up ~2.3 miles (the Millbury portion, a 4.6 mile out-and-back loop) of uninterrupted, neatly-paved, motorvehicle-free asphalt for the cruising, complete with parking lots if you need to drive to a starting point.

Dirt trail biking. If off-road / trail riding is more your thing, the Martha Deering Wildlife Management area, accessible from Riverlin Street near Dorothy Pond, lays claim to 182 acres of town-owned land covered in trails and is open to the general public for free. The more experienced riders in the mountain biking community rave about the adjacent "Rayburn" trails.

Bike gear & service. The widely-regarded, recently-relocated Trek Stop bike shop in neighboring Grafton gives you half your money back towards your kid's next bike with their Youth Bike Trade-up Program.  It is the type of local business the truly gets it, treating their customers the way we want to be treated: to lifetime discounts and a no-pressure, information-rich bicycle buying / servicing experience.

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